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50 Lead Magnet Ideas to Grow a Giant Email List

Grab our "cheat sheet" with more than 50 ideas for the perfect lead magnet to offer your subscribers, and start growing your email list on autopilot today...


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Lead magnets are STILL the #1 way to grow a large email list of potential customers... 

Steal the same cheat sheet we use with our high-end clients and start making irresistible high value content offers today...

What you will get:

  • A downloadable copy of more than 50 lead magnet ideas we use for our own high-end clients to help them grow MASSIVE email lists of raving fans. 
  • A guide on how to decide which type of content to use where -  people at each stage of the sales "funnel" require different types of content to help them level up. We'll show you what type of lead magnet fits each stage. 
  • Insider tips on how to use each lead magnet for maximum impact - where to present it, and what software to use to track and optimise the results.

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Very impressed by your pieces.

Drayton Bird

Former International Vice Chairman, Ogilvy and Mather

CLCK was a pleasure to work with and structured our campaign perfectly. It has been a massive success… I’ve had to pause the campaign because we have TOO many leads!

David Metekingi

Solar Watchdog