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Habitech Systems Gets 3700 Inbound Leads Over 12 Months Using Digital Marketing 

CASE STUDY: See how Melbourne architect and home builder Habitech Systems used our content & marketing automation system to fill their pipeline with new business. 



The Problem

Habitech Systems is an architectural boutique home builder with a focus on sustainability and passive housing. Before working with us, Habitech was struggling with several challenges including:

  • Lack of new business - not enough people finding the business and making enquiries
  • Poor sales process with systems that would not scale well - Excel spreadsheet for contact management & tracking results
  • Inability to engage leads and contacts once they had shown interest
  • Lack of clarity around where to spend their marketing budget

While they were getting around 10 qualified enquiries each month. It was not enough to keep the business' team of architects fully utilised. They had a database of a few hundred contacts and were doing occasional email marketing. They already had good organic traffic, but there was a low conversion rate of visitors to contacts because the only content on the site was aimed towards people at the end of the buying cycle - a very small percentage of overall traffic, the majority of whom were in the "awareness" phase and just wanted more information. 


Services Provided

Habitech approached us about these problems and we created a customised plan to solve these problems that included:

  • Overall marketing strategy with guidance on best approach to achieving goals of more leads and project enquiries
  • Content strategy - regular blog posts showing completed projects and educating contacts about their building process
  • Lead generation landing pages offering an "info pack" for download & a project enquiry page for leads ready to enquire
  • Facebook ads to "retarget" people who previously visited website
  • Email marketing - automated nurture emails and regular updates of latest news and projects to engage their audience
  • Reporting dashboards and CRM so Habitech could easily see what was going on and what was working

We created downloadable content that addressed visitors' questions about working with Habitech, without them having to speak to a salesperson. This gave us the opportunity to get the visitor's email address so we could then build the relationship with them over time via email until they were in the "decision" stage of the buyer journey. At the same time we helped Habitech create "pillar" content that expressed their core values and approach to building, such as "passive housing explained". We also implemented HubSpot's all in one sales and marketing platform so Habitech's team could better manage their sales process, and track marketing ROI more effectively.  



In less than 12 months, the results achieved included:

  • 48% increase in web traffic from creating regular content around topics that are interesting to their customers
  • 437% increase in visitors to new contacts - enquiries & email sign ups requesting downloadable content
  • 3700 new contacts generated - now in their HubSpot system being engaged using content until at the "decision" stage
  • 233 new project enquiries via website - people wanting to design and build a home or extension 
  • $2.5M (16 projects) in new business into sales pipeline
  • An organised sales and marketing system where leads can be managed and tracked effectively

The business now has an automated lead generation and sales funnel that it can turn on and off at will to drive new business. More than 400 new contacts per month are joining the email list and being nurtured with content about Habitech's values and process. Organic traffic has increased due to regularly publishing fresh, engaging blog content. New project enquiries has gone up, resulting in more projects in the pipeline for Habitech. They also now have sales and marketing software so their team can manage sales enquiries and follow ups more efficiently. 



"We have a very long sales decision-making time. Damien’s come up with smart strategies to target people with the information they needed at the right time in that process. It’s been a really good experience from our end. Would recommend Damien and CLCK to anyone thinking about looking at going digital and getting smarter with their marketing."


- Chris Barnett, Director, Habitech Systems



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Core Team


Damien Elsing

Founder & Lead Strategist

Marinda Wilkinson

Content Strategy & Copywriting

Jamie Gemell

Google Ads & SEO




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We provide a range of services to clients including:

  • Marketing strategy, training, & consulting
  • Content marketing, including content strategy and copywriting for blog posts, emails, and landing pages 
  • Advertising on Facebook, Google, Instagram, and LinkedIn
  • HubSpot marketing & sales software set up, management, and training
  • Social media strategy & management

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Customer Reviews

CLCK Digital has been a fantastic support during the development of HubSpot in our organisation. CLCK has been instrumental in helping us understand various features and helping us to get the most out of the product. We really love HubSpot now and continue to get a lot of value out of it.
James Myers
IT & Digital Marketing Manager, Hermitage Homes
For several years now I have entrusted Damien and the CLCK Digital team with my most precious business asset – my customers! I’ve never regretted it! Damien and his team handle this with aplomb, and I’m comfortable for Damien’s team to liaise with our customers directly.
Bruce Rasmussen
Managing Director, Carpe Diem Consulting
CLCK re-trained our staff and supplied them with an appreciation of who their customers were, where they came from and how they could engage with them. The results were amazing. We regularly achieved more solid leads in a week using the CLCK approach than we had been receiving on an annual basis.
Brian Mulcahy
Owner, Village Lifestyle Park
I had the pleasure of working with Damien on a number of web marketing projects at the Barefoot Investor. Damien brought a fresh perspective and professional approach to our team, and he was an absolute pleasure to work with.
Lauren Molan
Chief Writer/Producer, ABC
CLCK was a pleasure to work with and structured our campaign perfectly. It has been a massive success… I’ve had to pause the campaign because we have TOO many leads!
David Metekingi
Solar Watchdog

After experiencing one disappointment after the other in the online lead generation industry, we were ready to try something new. The CLCK team understood our challenges and got to work quickly.

The results have been amazing. Our Sales team have more than sufficient leads to draw from, sales are increasing beyond target and CLCK work with us as if they are part of our team.

Managing Director
Boutique Home Builder

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