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How This Lifestyle Village Filled to Capacity and Created a Waiting-List of Eager-to-Buy Residents 

CASE STUDY: See how this lifestyle village in country Victoria managed to sell all their available units (and eventually their entire park) using our content marketing and amplification system. 



The Problem...

Village Lifestyle Park in Traralgon, Victoria, was struggling to sell around 20 vacant lifestyle units in their over fifty-fives community.

Brian, the owner of village, had tried partnering with a local real estate agent to sell units and achieve his ultimate goal of being able to sell the land to property developers, but this wasn't working. It was hard to get people interested in the village through traditional marketing channels. 

Brian had also engaged a number of web marketing consultants and agencies to try paid advertising, web design, and other strategies for the village, but none of these tactics had provided the results Brian was looking for. 

The Solution...

After hearing about the results we were generating for his home builder colleague, Brian approached us to see if our digital marketing strategy could help him achieve some of the goals he had for his village.

We agreed to work with Village Lifestyle Park and immediately got to work implementing a digital & content marketing game plan. This approach included:

1. Creating helpful content answering potential customers' questions

One big mistake we see a lot of villages make is not having enough content for potential customers who are in "research mode". Only about 3% of your potential target market is in "buy mode" at any given time, yet most businesses focus their marketing resources there. Our strategy revolves around targeting the 37% of customers who are actively researching or are about to begin research. 


Image: Most villages are focusing on the 3% of the market who are buying now, while neglecting the 37% of potential customers who will be in buying mode in the near future. 


2. Free content offers to grow an email list that can then be nurtured

Another mistake we see many villages make is only presenting potential customers with a "bottom of funnel" offer such as the option to get in touch or inspect a residence. Again, this ignores the opportunity to capture people earlier in the buying process and educate them about the benefits of your village. 

For this village we created two main content offers that we'd use to generate interest earlier in the buyer journey:

  • A "top of funnel" e-book that explained some of the traps and pitfalls people fall into when choosing a lifestyle village, and
  • A village information pack for people further along the buyer journey (middle of funnel) that spoke directly about the village's features and benefits. 

Both these offers were available via specially constructed landing pages carefully designed to communicate the value of the content offer and meet the customer at the appropriate stage of the buyer journey. The job of these landing pages was to convince the person to provide just their name and email address in exchange for the content. 

3. Email marketing to move email leads towards a "bottom of funnel" offer

Once people had shown interest in our content offers and provided their email address to access them, it was time to build the relationship.

We planned and wrote a series of carefully timed automated emails that would reinforce the concepts mentioned in the content offers, and address common objections about our client's solution. For example, we addressed the concern that all lifestyle villages were expensive to live in, and that moving to a lifestyle village meant giving up one's freedom. We also wrote emails with the stories of current residents who had been in the same situation as the reader and was now living a happy, full life in the village.

We spaced the emails about 4 days apart, and if someone completed the sequence without taking any action they would go onto our "backburner" email list and still get emails periodically when we published a new blog post or if a new residence became available. 

With several hundred people on the email list over time, when a new unit became available and we did a promotion, there was already an audience of eager-to-buy potential customers ready to respond. 

The average person needs more than 14 "touches" with a potential vendor before having enough trust to make a purchase decision. This number increases for a large purchase like a future home. Email marketing is a very effective way to build that connection and trust when carefully and thoughtfully planned. 

4. Facebook ads for creating awareness and driving traffic to our offers

Now that we had all the elements in place for capturing early stage interest and nurturing these potential residents into village enquiries, it was time to send traffic to these content offers. Our hypothesis was that Facebook's wide reach and targeting options provided the most efficient way to do this. 

Our approach to driving traffic from Facebook ads included targeting different demographic and geographic audience with different messages to see what resonated. For example, we positioned this particular village as an affordable option for people in the city who might want to consider an "escape to the country". 

We were also careful to structure the campaigns to be mindful of the different stages of buyer awareness, and show the right offers at the right time. "Retargeting" (showing different content to people who had already interacted with our website or social profiles) played a large part in building trust and familiarity.

All this resulted in a relatively cheap cost to acquire a new email subscriber, a percentage of whom would go on to make an enquiry when they were ready, thanks to the follow up processes we had put in place.  

5. Efficient handling of leads and contacts

We also helped Brian's team of village managers and agents implement a simple CRM system so they could keep track of sales leads properly once people were ready for a tour of the village. They had never dealt with this volume of enquiries before so it would have been easy for some to slip through the cracks or not be dealt with promptly. In this case we used HubSpot CRM to achieve this, and trained the village managers and local real estate agent on how to collaborate throughout the sales process using these user-friendly tools. 


Within 12 months, this strategy was able to generate "sell out" results:

  • Generated over $3.2M in sales from a $53K budget 
  • Sold a vacant unit per fortnight during this period, compared to one per year beforehand
  • Sold the entire village to a national lifestyle chain, thanks in part to the established marketing strategy in place
  • Thousands of new email leads generated from downloading/requesting valuable information - which will lead to more sales over time


"We regularly achieved more solid leads in a week than we had been receiving on an annual basis..."


Brian Village Testimonial Email-1


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Customer Reviews

For several years now I have entrusted Damien and the CLCK Digital team with my most precious business asset – my customers! I’ve never regretted it! Damien and his team handle this with aplomb, and I’m comfortable for Damien’s team to liaise with our customers directly.
Bruce Rasmussen
Managing Director, Carpe Diem Consulting
CLCK re-trained our staff and supplied them with an appreciation of who their customers were, where they came from and how they could engage with them. The results were amazing. We regularly achieved more solid leads in a week using the CLCK approach than we had been receiving on an annual basis.
Brian Mulcahy
Owner, Village Lifestyle Park
I had the pleasure of working with Damien on a number of web marketing projects at the Barefoot Investor. Damien brought a fresh perspective and professional approach to our team, and he was an absolute pleasure to work with.
Lauren Molan
Chief Writer/Producer, ABC
CLCK was a pleasure to work with and structured our campaign perfectly. It has been a massive success… I’ve had to pause the campaign because we have TOO many leads!
David Metekingi
Solar Watchdog

After experiencing one disappointment after the other in the online lead generation industry, we were ready to try something new. The CLCK team understood our challenges and got to work quickly.

The results have been amazing. Our Sales team have more than sufficient leads to draw from, sales are increasing beyond target and CLCK work with us as if they are part of our team.

Managing Director
Boutique Home Builder

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